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  • answered 2021-01-20 12:00:51 -0800
    Q: Please describe your issue with EVV implementation. (Be as specific as possible)
    A: I clocked in and clocked out using the Therap app on my phone. At the end of the first week of implementation I went into Therap on my computer and uploaded the billing data to Tellus EVV. I then matched the hours to release for billing. I had to manually fix a couple of my shifts because I forgot to clock out. I rematched those after fixing them. I released some of my billing Monday the 11th and then the rest from that first week of implementation on the 12th. The second week went smoother I had no issues matching my shifts and released the billing on Friday the 15th. DHHS sent me an email with an attachment called " IP EVV Toolkit Final" which helped me fix my errors. The thing I am concerned with is that it states “Once matched claims are submitted by the provider through Tellus, Tellus sends all submitted claims to the payment system (once per week on Tuesdays). Three to five business days after Tellus submits the claims to the payment system, claims are processed and payment is made”. 2 Tuesdays have passed since I first released billing and I have not been paid yet. On the Tellus home screen it shows me that all of my billing is “released claims pending submission” which worries me because two Tuesdays have past and its still pending. I would think at minimum it would display as sent and I should have been paid for my billing I submitted on the 11th.


    We have been tracking the planning and implementation for EVV and have heard many concerns.  We are looking to collect your stories and better information around what's happening for families.  Please provide your story with any pertinent details so that we can better advocate for families like yours.

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