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    Dorothy Wollen
    commented on Tell Us Your Story 2021-10-01 10:07:27 -0500
    My daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder last year at the age of 47. The professional who diagnosed her did not follow through with treatment and support as she promised. We had searched a long time for testing for someone her age so my daughter felt let down and was very upset. Every organization I contact refers me to someone else. There is a long wait to learn if she qualifies as developmentally disabled and there doesn’t seem to be any help or support in the meantime. My daughter had cancer surgery six years ago and has three autoimmune illnesses, PTSD, and chronic insomnia from anxiety. We have no relatives nearby to rely on. I am fairly healthy but at the present time, if something should happen to me, she would have no one to turn to.
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    Dorothy Wollen
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