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    Q: Tell us how being on the Waiting List has affected you and your family?
    A: Erin aged out of special education services at age 21 – She had applied for DHHS services at age 16 and was denied, although we did not know why. Bonnie told us to reapply when she became an adult, and we were not informed about the appeal process. So that’s what we did. She applied for Social Security at age 18, and at that time the SS office people told us she would not get medicaid until she was approved for SSI, so we should wait to apply for that as well. We had to appeal SS several times and it wasn’t until 2 years later she was determined eligible. During those 2 years, she attended a school based transition program as she was still eligible for special education services. She also had 2 spinal surgeries in her back and her spinal cord untethored, all of which required us to pay $4000 in deductibles and out of pocket expenses that owul dhavve been covered had she been determined eligible for Medicaid. We later learned
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