Membership 2022

Please sign up as a member to help us continue working to improve life for Nebraskans with disabilities. 

Here are some of the things we accomplished in the last year that you can expect more of in the future:

For Individuals: 

  • Increased DD Funding by $12 Million; 
  • Passed the Disability Employment Bill so people with disabilities can gain meaningful employment without losing benefits; 
  • Eliminated Clawback for ENABLE Accounts;
  • Protected Transition Funding for DD Services;  
  • Blocked a Restraint and Seclusion bill to keep students with disabilities safe in schools; 
  • Protected Transition Funding for DD Services; and 
  • Provided virtual events to keep members engaged during COVID-19. 
  • $25 - Self Advocate
  • $35 - Supporter Ally
  • $50 - Family

For Providers:

  • Helped to ensure providers were paid back properly;
  • Trained providers in how to help increase person-centered focus; 
  • Updated standards to ensure proper notice for individuals and providers of adverse Medicaid decisions;
  • Protected Transition service funding; and
  • Access to 1500 members.
  • $100 - Non-Specialized Provider
  • $1000 - Bronze
  • $2500 - Silver
  • $5000 - Gold

For General Businesses: 

  • Opportunity to reach our community via Email, Direct Mail, Events, on Social Media, and to be spoken about to our membership regularly; 
  • Ensure we are able to do the work in the column for individuals; 
  • Employment Training to Help Increase Inclusiveness and Compliance;
  • Opportunities for positive press presence; and
  • Access to 1500 members. 
  • $1000 - Bronze
  • $2500 - Silver
  • $5000 - Gold

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