Prioritize Disability Vaccine Access

Whereas, Governor Ricketts removed people with underlying conditions from the 1B Priority Group for the Covid Vaccine

Whereas, If infected, people with Down Syndrome are five times more likely to be hospitalized and 10 times more likely to die than the general population,

Whereas, 83% of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are not receiving state services and part of the groups of people with disabilities that have not yet received the Covid Vaccine.

Whereas, Nebraska’s service system fails to recognize many people intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Therefore, we call on Governor Ricketts to add people with disabilities back to the Priority Group for Covid Vaccines. We must provide equitable access to testing for those in communities, in facilities, in services, and supported by their families.  In order to ensure this, we must eliminate barriers including but not limited to lack of access to transportation, limitations of vehicles, ensure quality testing in community services, provide testing in facilities, make the website accessible, create a comprehensive data set involving all people, and ensure equitable care for all Nebraskans.

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