At The Arc of Nebraska, we firmly believe in a community where every individual, regardless of their abilities, is valued and has the chance to contribute meaningfully. Each one of us, as community members, plays an integral role in fostering a Nebraska that champions equality, inclusivity, and opportunity for all, including our friends and neighbors with disabilities. Through this pledge, we invite you, the citizens of our great state, to commit to a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

I Pledge To:

  1. Prioritize Inclusive Shopping: Choose to support and shop at businesses that prioritize hiring individuals with disabilities. Our spending decisions can motivate businesses to be more inclusive.

  2. Advocate for State-Based Incentive Programs: Push for the development and adoption of state-level incentive programs designed to encourage businesses to hire individuals with disabilities, ensuring a win-win scenario for employers and employees alike.

  3. Eliminate Barriers to Employment: Continuously identify and work to remove barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from entering or thriving in the workplace. This includes providing necessary accommodations, investing in training, and challenging misconceptions about disability employment.

  4. Champion Employment First Policies: Prioritize and support Employment First Policies at the state level. This means recognizing that employment in the general workforce should be the first and preferred option for all people with disabilities.
  5. Promote Awareness and Inclusion: Raise awareness about the importance of disability employment among my peers, family, and community, challenging stereotypes and promoting understanding.
  6. Stay Informed: Educate myself about the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities in the employment sector and support initiatives aimed at eliminating these barriers.
  7. Engage in Community Advocacy: Participate in local community events, discussions, and platforms that promote disability employment and inclusive business practices.

By signing this pledge, I commit to:

  • Actively supporting businesses that prioritize hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Using my voice and influence to advocate for inclusive employment practices in Nebraska.
  • Collaborating with The Arc of Nebraska and other community members to drive awareness and support for disability employment.
Will you sign?