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    Legislative Action Team

    As the Legislative Season approaches we need to ensure that we are ready to take action as quickly as possible.  In order to do this we need as many parents, self advocates, and allies ready to contact their Senator as possible.  If you are willing to step up and help ensure that we protect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities then please sign up to be a contact for your Senator! Become a volunteer

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    Mr. Edison ,

    This is Lisa O’Connell from Fremont Nebraska . I volunteer at Uniquely Yours Stability Support in Fremont. I an looking for a free training for a Family Support Worker including Trauma- informed care, recovery principals and crisis management. for a program that UYSS is implementing. Please let me know. My cell # is 402-719-9614. UYSS number is 402-727-8977

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    Please feel free to contact us through this form, by email at [email protected], or by phone at 4024754407.  Thank you!

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    End The Waiting List Petition

    The Arc of Nebraska has been working for over 60 years to ensure that people with developmental and intellectual disabilities can live in the community.  Previously, the status quo was that people were forcefully segregated into isolation in institutions.  Now 2,332 people qualify for services under the developmental disabilities services waiver but are not receiving funding.  They instead have been forced onto a waiting list that could require them to wait for years to access vital services.

    Over a decade ago the LR 156 report said, “Nebraska is at a crossroads with its obligation to Nebraska citizens with developmental disabilities. Several Nebraska Senators have recognized the urgent need to develop a strategic plan to address the current and future needs of citizens with DD and their families.” It seems that we have still failed to take the sort of serious action needed to help people with disabilities.  It’s time to ensure that we fully fund the waiting list.

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    We the people of Nebraska believe that it is our legal, ethical, and moral duty to ensure that people with disabilities are properly served.  Too long have our good neighbors struggled to care for their children, siblings, church members, employees, friends, and community members due to improper funding of the Developmental Disabilities Services Waiver.  We as Nebraskans want to ensure that people with disabilities receive the services that they need in a thoughtful and comprehensive approach that allows them to live full lives in the community.

    We must take action to provide full and proper funding to eliminate the waiting list.

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