Accessible Testing for People with Disabilities

Whereas, people with disabilities are discriminated against throughout society.

Whereas, Test Nebraska has failed to properly consider people with disabilities.

Whereas, those with limited access to transportation have difficulty accessing testing.

Whereas, there is a lack of testing for those in community-based services.

Whereas, the testing process and data has not been transparent.

Whereas, it is crucial to ensure that people with disabilities are offered the equal protection of testing and ensure that our datasets include all members of the community.

Whereas, we have seen significant spikes across the world in facilities.

Whereas, Beatrice State Developmental Center has failed to provide a plan to ensure that people with disabilities under state care have proper access to testing.

Whereas, settings like nursing homes are in particular danger of high levels of infection.

Whereas, there are serious concerns that have remained not addressed regarding people with disabilities.

Therefore, we, the undersigned call upon Governor Ricketts and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to ensure updates and modifications to the Test Nebraska Program that will protect people with disabilities.  We must provide equitable access to testing for those in communities, in facilities, in services, and supported by their families.  In order to ensure this, we must eliminate barriers including but not limited to lack of access to transportation, limitations of vehicles, ensure quality testing in community services, provide testing in facilities, make the website accessible, create a comprehensive data set involving all people, and ensure equitable care for all Nebraskans.


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Lynne Porter
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    We are regular people who deserve access.
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