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    My son has syngap1. He ate bed Huntington Elementary his kindergarten year with a brief sabbatical to attend Behaven full time. He returned to Huntington in February.

    They were certainly not hasty responding to my inquirh uh about Wally returning. However he did. The Thursday before spring break. After a week or so I was told at a meeting it was taking up to 40 minutes to transition him through the hallways. They suggested a compliance chair, mobility chair, wheelchair, transport chair…all of these being the same thing- a wheeled regression, budget friendly, abuse chair. I, initially agreed to him being transferred in the halls until he adjusted to his environment. I was lied to and he never got out of it. Turns out, unbeknownst to me, he was in the Huntington shame chair during recess, during all parts of the day a student is active- Including right off the bus! He needs nothing to assist him in gross motor movement. In fact, after Wally’s neurologist wrote in not one but two faxes to take him out of this immobilization chai per his safety, they still didn’t. Besides his behavior being horrendous, his muscles were weakening along with his brain. He regressed in all skills and behavior gained. He lost weight, the cops were out here frequently due to increased home elopement, he has scars in his body that will never be completely healed and I’m sure ptsd.

    Wall uh is nonverbal, high energy, epileptic and suffers from ID. I was lied to about him having specials(never had them), I was lied to about his time in the chair-I havE proof. I was lied to about his paras training. I was lied to about Wally’s legs being restrained as well. I requested his bus tapes in July 2022, I have a video of the bus transportation employees assuring me the tapes won’t be deleted- well, they were. My son was the only child on the bus. And thy were deleted.

    So much wrong with all of this when he should have been in the isp program since day 1 of kindergarten. When I asked Kristi Schirmer about this in fall of 2021, I was told he has to trend Huntington. Even though Wally has been in lps since he was 3. They all knew where he belonged but I guess the monetary payout was more enticing than doing the morally corrert choice.
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